The Poetics of Space


This week I did the following:

Spatialized audio

Indicated how users will be able to see memories.


Project Treatment



California love is a an experimental VR experience that explores time (the 70s, 80, and 90s)  through a series of videos created during the given decade.

For our midterm, Mai and I were interested in using songs to change our environment. Eventually we grew interested in using songs that had sampled from other songs. We found ourselves experimenting a lot with this project. We came across the song California Love by Tupac and found that he had sample two songs: Roger Troutman’s California Love and a Joe Cocker’s Woman to Woman.

Something interesting that we found was that Tupac created his song in the 90s, Roger Troutman in the 80s and Joe Cocker in the 70sRealizing this, we decided to create use these decades as a theme for our each of our scenes. We then found footage from each of the years in attempt to ground the user in each decade.


WEEK 3 & 4

A Re-creation of Home

 Below is a street view of my the house and neighborhood I grew up in for seven years of my life. I have some really great and some very traumatic memories of this place. I wanted to reconstruct this environment. So, I decided to search my address in google maps. In the street view I took several snap shots of the block I grew up in.

In unity, I tried to recreate my neighborhood with free assets from the asset stores. Below are some snapshots of what I created.


Below is a 3d scan of myself that I will include in the environment 

The next steps are:

  1. Animate the model of myself so that he can walk within the environment
  2. Create destinations within the environment that will be trigger points for memories
  3. Make 3d models of the actual houses



This video includes a visual representation of Keerthana’s write up.

Here I’ve come to live a lie

To forget where I lay

And the reasons for I cry

Here I’ve come, away from the concrete array

Amongst the city that never sleeps, I see

The resilience of nature evidently

Of bustle and hustle, a sea

But it is this that I seek so ardently

With music touching my face

And a wind chill warming my cheek

As I walk, I race

The leaves across a creek.

For then , I forget

All that I regret

Of everyone I lost

And everything it cost

I walk back with a smile

That I turned this wheel

It’ll get me going for a while

And this is how I feel



West 4th St. Station, waiting on the train. Here are my observations:

I am standing next to one of the wooden benches, waiting for the A train to go home. I live uptown. There are two dudes sitting on the benches. One is Black with long dreads and the other appears to be hispanic.  Around me are people waiting on their trains. Some are talking with another and others are sucked into their phones. There is only one person who is reading a book.

The E train just arrived and many are getting on it. The A train just arrived a seconds  later.



I created a video using 360 video of me painting in my studio. It’s really my bedroom but it also operates as my studio.  One way I thought about creating presence is seemingly giving the viewer a body. I did this by attaching the Ricoh theta to my face. Since the video is 360, I covered one of the cameras (using a soft clothe, careful not to scratch the lens). This limited the viewer to have a view of 180 degrees. Also, by covering one of the cameras lenses it seems as if the viewer is wearing a hoodie or jacket. noticing this I put on a jacket in hopes to make this experience more immersive and realistic.


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