Worlds on a Wire

WEEK 6 & 7




Midterm Rough

Mai and I decided to work together for our midterm. We both had an interest in including videos in our project and creating characters in tilt brush.

The type of VR experience we have decided to go with is the Ghost without impact. In this experience the user is accompanied by a cat that takes them on a journey down a long path. The there are two large walls that are on either side of the the user. The walls will have videos playing on it; the content is still being determined. At the end of the  of the path, the cat will stop and the user continues on into another world. This is the first scene fo this storyline.



 This is a street view of my the house and neighborhood I grew up in for seven years of my life. I have some really great and some very traumatic memories of this place. I wanted to reconstruct this environment.

So, I decided to search my address in google maps. In the street view I took several snap shots of the block I grew up in.

Ideally, I want to place a 3d scan of myself within this environment and when I walk around to certain areas I would activate some memories.



Interaction in Ureal

For this week I attempted to create an interaction where the user is able to collect coins. In the games, the user is able to move around through the process of teleporting. I realized that this was a technical limitation. To collect the coins I would either have to move through them and I realized that this was not effective.

Videos and snapshot coming soon.


The four ways of Storytelling in VR

Observant Passive – the mist traditional form of medi

Participant Active – a participant is placed in a creator’s world

Observant Passive – an observer lacking any identity that is placed within a story

Participant Active – a participant is place in a world and has the ability to manipulate and influence the storyline.


Super Hero Scene

Image 1.

Image 2.

Image 3.

I created this environment in unreal. Above are three screenshots of my character within this world. My idea was to think of this as a start to a game. The goal would be to get to the top of the mountain where the mansion is located. The character would be able to go from house to house by jumping on a series of floating panels.



I had the chance to try VRChat and while conceptually, I think it is a great idea, my experience fell short of my expectations. Imagining a virtual environment potentially filled with avatars where one could interact with real people sounds entertaining. When I entered into the chat there were about 3 other people there, and all of them were relatively young. Their conversations were immature. One of the only ways to communicate with others is by talking. Also, I did not like the way the user can maneuver within the game.