Socially Engaged Art


Write down 3 ideas for projects that you think act as socially engaged art practice, one paragraph each. These are thought experiments, and do not have to be something you can do right now. 

Idea 1: The Alley-way Project 

This topic came about right after class when Lauren, Ellen and I were in conversation about this assignment. We extended the discussion about public spaces and who has access to them.

I thought of the idea of transforming spaces to change how people feel about them while being in them We have this common perception of an alley being a narrow, unsafe, dirty, and sometimes dark place. The idea is change this notion. So the overarching question is, how can we make an alleyway inviting to others. What can we do, adding or subtracting to them to make people want to walk through them? Our idea was to possibly fill them with  things that one would find at a festival: music, food, and much more.


Idea 2: My Shoes, Your Shoes, Our Shoes

The idea is to be able to step into the shoes of other people. This will be done in a public space, possibly on the street or in a park. Participants will be given chalk to outline their shoes on the ground. After outlining their shoes, they will be asked to type a message on their phone that is reflective of their personal narrative.  An Augmented Reality (AR) tracker will somehow be associated with their particular outline and message. Participants will be able to both tell their story and experience the stories of others. And the participants will use some type of app on their phone that detects AR trackers. This will be placed in front of the outline they created. Once another user steps into the outline of a person’s shoes and use the app place it over the tracker, they will be able to read what the person was able to write. In this way people will be figuratively stepping into the shoes, or at least partially, of others.

question: Would including audio into this project have a better impact?

How to make it simple enough that large crowds can participate?



Idea 3: Living  Walls

This idea aims to highlight what exactly New Yorkers like/dislike about their particular neighborhoods. There will be multiple, portable walls placed in various neighborhoods around NY. The walls will initially be blank(white) and they will be left in each neighborhood for about 2 weeks. After that time all of them will be collected to be displayed in a public art show. The goal is to spark a conversation about the similarities and differences across communities that have been disconnected by affluence. Affluence will be operationalized further.