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The murder of 15-year old Latasha Harlins and the the beating of Rodney King sparked controversy, which ultimately led to the 1992 LA riots. But in the midst of this chaotic moment, two Los Angeles gangs long divided by misunderstanding, territory and color, agreed to a truce.

“1992” allows users to experience a rare moment in South Central’s gang history, a peace treaty between Bloods and Crips through augmented reality (AR). They were determined to come together for a common cause, to stand up against police brutality.



Final Proposal

For my final I want to continue with with the project on gangs in LA. I want to particularly want to focus on two major years. 1992 and 2016. In both years the Bloods and the Crips took the initiative to have a truce. Growing tired of the killings of  many Black and Latinx, they decided that their needed to establish peace amongst  one another.

This project aims to depict these stories through animated characters and found videos which addresses the LA riots and the two peace treaties.

The videos below serve as my inspiration.






With all the hype around Black Panther, I decided to do this assignment around this topic. Btw, the movie was dope!!!! I saw it twice.

The object I chose to augment was a remote. When the remote it tracked a TV appears and the trailer of Black Panther plays.

If I had more time I would have liked to incorporate virtual buttons which will let you change through movie trailers as you change the channel.



If you can Augment Anything

The Soundtrack/Black Panther Album for the movie Black Panther just dropped this morning and of course Kendrick Lamar was selected to do it. Kendrick and the Black Panther are culturally important to the Black community, especially now. So, if I could augment anything, it would be an interaction between Kendrick Lamar and Black Panther. They would probably be fighting side by side against villains. Kendrick’s character will be Kung Fu Kenny from his album Damn.

Virtual Buttons

This video shows me using a virtual button to rotate a cube. In my next step I would want to use it to animate the characters in my previous project.



Multiple AR Trackers in Unity 

This is a shows me using two images as AR trackers.

Commonly, gangs are known for their association with guns, drugs and violence.

This augmented reality piece aims to highlight a point in history when Bloods and Crips united during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992, and alternative narrative to gangs. This is an ongoing  project and is in its early stages.

This project was created using Unity, Vuforia, Mixamo and Adobe Fuse.


Augment something in your home  or any place (with any program that you are comfortable with)


For this assignment I augmented one of my drawings. There is a animation of a bird sitting on a street light looking around and airplane flying in the background. I also included audio of a bird chirping and a plane flying.

This is the original  drawing.