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For my midterm I wanted to create a multiplayer, VR drawing tool. I found out one way to do this is by using Unity I haven’t been able to get to this point just yet. However, I have managed to get a multiplayer game to work using a local host.

The biggest challenge has been trying to understand how to integrate into Unity.

I might stick with the game and and continue to iterate on it.


Midterm Idea

In thinking about my midterm, I am also thinking about my final. One Idea I have is to create a multi-user VR drawing application using Unity. I have already begun to create a one-player drawing app.






One of my thoughts is to generate digital art using photos captured by cameras. One idea is to invert the colors and see what will be produced. Then I would overlap the images in a collage styles to see what art can be produced.

There is a limitation in using the computer’s camera. If I can do it with a phone’s camera, that would be more ideal. Another thought is to write code that would randomly overlap the images and determine their opacity.



Self Portrait Improved

This week I tried to improve my self portrait. I kept with the concept from before using found images and videos from the web. I also included a video of myself. I wanted to play with opacity as well. What I am currently trying to figure out is how to randomly change the opacity of the pictures.

Self Portrait 2


WEEK 1 &2

Self Portrait

This assignment was was particularly interesting to me because it challenged me to understand my limitations with coding. Additionally, it has pushed me to think outside of the box when creating a self portrait.

I did not accomplish what I wanted to but here are my thoughts: I wanted to collect my images that are currently on the web and see how those images can can be arranged to convey an image of me.

I also wanted to construct and deconstruct the idea of “self portrait” by adding and subtracting words to these two words. I wanted to give this a poetic-like feel.





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