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These are the final products of Space Girl. The three large figures wear different basketball jerseys. From left to right: Steph Curry (Golden State Warriors), Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) and Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls). The smaller version is Space Baby, the younger version of the original Space Girl.


Here is the packaging for Space Baby.


To create the logo for Space Baby, I illustrated her and used the vinyl cutter to cut out stickers and placed them on the container.



I decided to use a Barbie for the development of Space Girl. Thinking about this project, a kit bashing approach might have been better. For Space Girl’s clothing, I decided to buy felt and I used a jersey template and cut the felt in the shape of a jersey.


After the paper prototype, I moved to cutting the felt.

I hand sewn the jersey.



I eventually chose to use use a smaller doll and create an iteration of Space Girl with this version. I first compared the helmet of the doll with a ping pong ball. It turned out to be too small. I then moved to a much larger foam ball which seemed to be a better fit. Next, using the same template of the jersey, I began creating a jersey for what I call Space Baby.

I used tape to outline the creased within the helmet then used a pen to mark these areasl



For this week, I refined the model. And I decided to print the piece in separate parts. This helped me to reduce the structural support and the printing time drastically.




Here are some of the prints I attempted. My first five weren’t successful at all. The prints kept uprooting from the bed. I had to recalibrate the bed of the printer. A challenge I faced was that the print was not plat in the floor plain. So, I had to print a support system which can be extremely annoying to remove.



Character Turnarounds

I created this character, Space Girl. She wears a an astronaut space helmet an a number eight jersey (referencing Lakers and Kobe Bryant when he wore number 8). She also has purple socks and black shoes.





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