Unity Game

For this assignment I decided to create a game in unity.

This is the first iteration of the game layout. I had a difficult time figuring out how to make the blue plane with the red planes. If I had more time, I would keep with this idea. The direction I would go in would be towards an Assassin’s Creed game. That was one of my favorite games. Ideally I would want the main character to be a black woman.

I also enjoyed the mobile app Subway Surfers. There are many many games that are very similar.





Be Free

For this assignment I challenged myself to use already-existing footage. Specifically, I used green screen footage that I compiled from YouTube. I believe there is something interesting in using ready-made materials and repurposing them.

I was restricted in how I could tell a narrative because of so. My goal was to try and tell a seamless narrative. However, I learned a lot from this process. For example, I had to re-think my shots and angle.

How did I do it?:

With my current interest in the topic of racial injustices, I knew from a general perspective, what my project would be about.

Green screen footage was perfect because many of the videos I came across stood alone, they were not contextualized. It was when I added background images, and other object into the same frame that these materials began to tell a story.

I was extremely limited in what I could do with the footage because i was limited in After Effects. After learning a few tips and tricks, my footage began to come together.

At first, I contemplated on whether the  video needed audio. I was interested in the silent nature of the story. I also wanted the view to be alone with his or her thoughts.

I then revisited this thought. Again, because there were were some limitations, I decided music has the power to connect the gaps. At least, that was my take on it. In the end I believe the music complemented this piece.

Future directions:

If I had more time I would have made the film more. . .






I used this week for compiling green screen footage that I would use in my animation. I know I wanted to develop a piece around police brutality. I did a simple Youtube search and that is where I found all of my green screen videos.



For this assignment I created an animation of my character (doesn’t have a name yet) being hit my a ball.  The character first assumes that since the ball is initially traveling at a fast speed, that the impact will cause a lot of pain. However, as the ball approaches, it suddenly slows down and impact is low. The character is “blown” or upset that its expectation was not the reality. So the after the impact of the ball hitting its face the character says “WOW.”


The main challenge I has with this assignment was establishing a new position for each part of the character’s face that I chose to move. For example, when I tried to move the eyes brows it would move and that be the permanent location. And it did not move to the new position once I played the animation.


Our group decided to make a video of us traveling from our hometowns  to ITP.  We wanted to make sure each of our travels were uniquely different.

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